Archive | November, 2011

Howden Insurance Brokers announces new appointments

One commercial insurance broking firm has recently announced two new appointments to its reinsurance and wholesale divisions, professional liability insurance experts recently reported.

SRA says indemnity insurance payments up by 20%

According to recent comments from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, indemnity insurance payments made by legal firms on their professional liability insurance policies have increased by 20 per cent for the 2011-2012 financial year.

First Title expands, offers HOPP, PI insurance

One major personal and commercial insurance provider has been expanding as of late, with the announcement that it has not only allied itself with an underwriter to provide professional indemnity insurance to solicitor firms, but also to provide protection to home owners as well.

Law Society Gazette reveals PI insurance market shares

According to the Law Society Gazette, more than half of the solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance market is taken up by four professional liability insurance providers.

PI insurance payments made by solicitors up by 20%

The Solicitors Regulation Authority recently revealed that professional indemnity insurance payments made by solicitors on their compulsory business liability insurance cover have risen by 20 per cent in 2011.

Professional liability insurance for clowns is no joke

Professional liability insurance for clowns turns out to be no laughing mater, as researchers have recently revealed enough unforeseen occurrences happen to a large enough proportion of clowns to make a profit.

PI insurance firms seek to avoid paying out Keydata claims

Professional indemnity insurance firms are seeking to avoid paying out on Keydata-related claims by relying on exclusion clauses, professional liability insurance experts have recently reported.

Compulsory professional indemnity insurance comes to Italy

The advent of compulsory professional indemnity insurance in Italy is at hand, with new legislation making it a requirement for all recognised members of Italian professional bodies to secure the professional liability insurance cover.

PI insurance renewal season noteworthy for low ARP figures

This professional indemnity renewal season has been noteworthy for low Assigned Risks Pool take up figures, professional liability insurance experts recently said.