Professional liability insurance for clowns is no joke

Professional liability insurance for clowns turns out to be no laughing mater, as researchers have recently revealed enough unforeseen occurrences happen to a large enough proportion of clowns to make a profit.

While some may feel that commercial insurance for clowns should be for Brits that are possibly plagued by coulrophobia, the insurance cover is actually for the performers themselves.  Business liability insurance providers offer the cover to clowns because clowns are people too – despite what people who can’t stand them may think – and even clowns don’t find it funny when they encounter situations where they may need the cover.

Risk assessment for clowns as a group warrant the existence of specialised insurance for them, industry researchers say, calculating that the number of bad things that happen to the performers can result in profits for insurers.  This has led to clowns purchasing the specialist cover year after year to protect themselves against the kinds of cosmic jokes that could result in financial ruin for uninsured members of the profession.

There are actually quite a few clown insurance suppliers in the UK, such as Blackfriars Insurance Brokers, who offer as much as £5 million in public liability insurance cover.  The Blackfriars website offers the insurance products in order to meet the varied insurance needs of the sometimes maligned performers.

Clowns not native to the UK can also purchase cover to protect them from financial ruination.  The US-based World Clown Association offers insurance policies as well, offering as much as $1 million in cover per occurrence or $2 million aggregate per event, though wags may point out that it’s highly appropriate that Americans are experts in buffoonery.

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