Howden Insurance Brokers announces new appointments

One commercial insurance broking firm has recently announced two new appointments to its reinsurance and wholesale divisions, professional liability insurance experts recently reported.

Business liability insurance specialists Howden Insurance Brokers appointed both Dawn Sequeira and Karen Kutger to the new positions in the broker’s North American division.  The two new staff members will be based within New Jersey, and are recent transplants from Professional Risk Solutions LLC, where they have experience in the development of professional liability insurance portfolios on behalf of major clients, with these client portfolios accompanying them as part and parcel of the move.

Howden North America managing director of its property and casualty division, John Plummer, commented on the new announcement, stating that both Ms Kutger and Ms  Sequeira are both experts in their chosen fields and have amassed a reputation for excellence, something that will allow Howden to diversify its USA wholesale casualty capability in line with its North American growth strategies.  Both current and future business clients will benefit from the move, according to Ms Kutger, who said that joining with Howden will present both her and Ms Sequeira with exciting opportunities for both them and their existing clients.

Between its North American expertise and its global broking operations, Howden will supply the two newly appointed brokers with higher levels of access to insurance broking driven by solutions and allow them to avail themselves of a deep pool of experience, added Ms Kutger.  Both newly appointed brokers have said that the move will be completely seamless, with their clients not experiencing any service disruptions, and the two expressed their eagerness to deliver even more solutions to their clients as they leverage Howden’s platform and experience.

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