Archive | December, 2011

Delhi doctors run to get liability insurance

The fear of litigation is not confined to the U.S.A. it seems but has become a feature in professional life in India’s capital, Delhi, as well according to a Times of India report out recently.

PI insurance broker forced to pay back stolen fees

A Bury based insurance broker, who sold fake PI insurance certificates to a number of local law firms and a club has been forced to return more than fifty thousand pounds that he had swindled over the last few years a court hearing in Bolton heard just before Christmas.

Arch Cru IFAs advised to contact PI insurance providers

In order to manage the cost of claims more efficiently, IFAs that have advised investment in Arch Cru in the past have been told to contact their PI insurance providers in order to request they make contributions to the Capita redress scheme.

British abortion doctor loses right to work

A woman from Ireland who back in 2006 had to fight to stay alive, has now learnt that the doctor who treated her had no professional indemnity insurance.

Contractors must consider business insurance, experts say

Contractors must consider business insurance in order to ensure the financial stability of your company, industry experts recently warned.

Reminder about need for PI insurance for medical practitioners

A timely reminder to health professionals about the necessity of being properly insured against the legal liability for negligence has been made by one of the main players in the business this last week in the run up to the holiday period at the end of 2011.

An indemnity insurance scheme fit for Santa Claus

Santa Claus might have a lot of magic up his two red sleeves but his North Pole manufacturing headquarters still has a lot of real world business risks worthy of a suitable professional indemnity insurance scheme.

Crisis in the cost of professional indemnity insurance

A news report in the last few days issued by a well known professional indemnity insurance spokesperson via an online news column stated that there is an increase in pressure on the cost of professional indemnity insurance as the UK and world financial forecasts are not looking good.

Misconduct is grounds for losing indemnity cover

A recent disciplinary case against a council member of a reputable accountancy institute has brought to attention the facts about professional indemnity insurance in relation to its members.

PI insurance provider rejects IFA over Keydata claims

One IFA, after contacting his professional indemnity insurance provider in regards to FSCS claims based on Keydata has been rejected, professional liability insurance experts recently reported.