Commercial insurance provider announces appointments

One commercial insurance provider announced new appointments for the New Year, as former high net worth head for Hiscox, Austyn Tusler, joins Barbican UK.

In addition to Ms Tusler joining the business insurance group early this coming January in order to further grow UK market share for Barbican, the UK professional indemnity insurance capability of Barbican will be overseen by Stuart Quinlan, current head of the European professional indemnity insurance practice for Zurich.

Other new appointments include John Pikington, deputy active underwriter for Hiscox, in a promotion to active underwriter starting the first day of the New Year.  Barbican UK chief executive office, David Reeves, commented on the new appointments, remarking that both Mr Quinlan and Ms Tusler held senior positions at Zurich and Hiscox, and each brings with them a massive wealth of insurance experience.

Having both of these professionals working with Barbican will result in strong enhancements to the reputation and the capability of these long-term and important markets for the insurance group, said Mr Reeves.  The chief executive said that Barbican was looking forward to their arrival with a great amount of anticipation.

Ms Tusler, upon leaving Hiscox, announced that she would be taking gardening leave until 2012, a practice used by employees leaving one position to take a similar one with a direct competitor.  The employee on gardening leave remains on payroll but stays away from work, and also prevents them from inadvertently taking sensitive and up-to-date information with them when they leave their former place of employment.

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