Company sees enormous growth in sales of professional indemnity insurance

A regional, little known insurance company, Jelf, has experienced whopping insurance sales throughout the year particularly in professional indemnity insurance and also in other specific policies designed for employment businesses.

The company reported at open of business this morning a noticeable gain in profits and stated that it had experienced a specific expansion in its insurance department, which makes up more than 60% of its income. Professional indemnity insurance sales are certainly helping to pay off the company debts.

The insurance company CEO informed the media that they had found positions for four more consultants specifically for the professional indemnity insurance division. These are to be based in their Bristol and Manchester offices. The CEO continued by stating that they were aiming at professional indemnity insurance as it was a growth market.

The CEO said Jelf would focus on affinity plans as a way of trying to gain new business as out in the marketplace today it was becoming increasingly difficult. These plans would help to improve the number of clients that they could gain for their professional indemnity insurance niche.

The company has already put together such methods to gain patronage from recruitment businesses and has been extremely successful.

In the coming period the company states it is recruiting more managers to help lead them into this new niche market. They have, currently, recruited companies from all over Britain in order to seek out the best talent to bring about further business success.

The financial position was confirmed by the group’s financial manager that the company so far has been in a strong position to pay off more than half its debts which puts it in good standing if the country was thrown into a state of recession which the manager did not think would happen.

The company has a few names of companies that it would like to partner with and buy into but no firm decisions have been made yet. There is a great deal of confidence in the company for 2012 as long as the professional indemnity insurance market continues its growth spurt. It seems that insurance, in general, is still being ticked as a budget priority for 2012.

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