Reminder about need for PI insurance for medical practitioners

A timely reminder to health professionals about the necessity of being properly insured against the legal liability for negligence has been made by one of the main players in the business this last week in the run up to the holiday period at the end of 2011. It was stressed that every professional whose business involves relating to other human beings needs to ensure that they have effective professional indemnity insurance.

Most medical practitioners are aware that the NHS requires any doctors operating under its scheme to be insured for professional liability in order to ensure that their licence is renewed. In fact there are a number of liability insurance schemes that are being pushed at the moment under the National Insurance Commission’s Market Development and Restructuring initiative.

The managing director of a leading insurance company reiterated the reasons for taking out PI insurance apart from the legal responsibilities involved. He said the main importance of the insurance cover is to protect the medical professional against the liability involved to pay damages to anybody who had suffered losses of any type due to professional negligence by the professional person him or herself but also due to anybody who was directly employed.
Most medical professionals need to be covered by an insurance policy that is tailor made to their specific conditions as no two health professionals work under exactly the same type of conditions. Many liability insurance policies have a number of exclusions which often fail to meet the eye until a claim is made and it is too late. This means that any exclusions which are likely to be part and parcel of the PI insurance package should be examined carefully before signing up for the insurance scheme. Such circumstances as being outside territorial limits, war, invasion, hostilities and public liability are usual grounds for exclusion, most of which are pretty extreme and are unlikely to affect the average health professional anyway.

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