British abortion doctor loses right to work

A woman from Ireland who back in 2006 had to fight to stay alive, has now learnt that the doctor who treated her had no professional indemnity insurance. He has only just been sacked as a licensed doctor after a recent hearing of a medical board.

The said doctor who was undertaking an abortion did not do a satisfactory job and left pieces of the baby inside the woman as well as damaging her uterus. The operation took place in England and when the woman returned home to her native Ireland, where abortion is still illegal, she was put into intensive care for two weeks. The report stated that the doctor in question was not covered by professional indemnity insurance and he had fabricated a certificate of membership with the Protection Medical Society.

The man was asked to answer charges after four other patients had complained of injuries caused by his negligence. The decision made was that due to his dishonesty and the handling of medical matters, he therefore could not be relied on.

The clinic that the operations took place in was well renowned for its professionalism and nearly 500 women had successful abortions in it in the last 12 months.

An anonymous spokesperson for the clinic reported to the newspaper that there was a very thorough list of requirements that doctors had to fulfill before they were employed by the clinic. But this doctor fell through the net by not having liability insurance cover to name just one requirement. Forging vital documents is another that would test anyone’s integrity to be in such a responsible job.

There are many unanswered questions as to how this doctor slipped through the net of the tried and tested standards that are in place at one of the world’s most important abortion facilities.

As a result of the breach in standards there is one Irish woman who would not have lost as much if the standards had really been as rigorous as was stated.

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