Disgraced gynaecologist had no PI cover

A surgeon, whose specialist work entailed modifications to women’s vaginas to enable them to have more exciting sex lives, has had his medical licence revoked due to complications resulting from his poor medical procedures.

Dr Phanuel Dartey, a Ghanaian born and Russian trained gynaecologist was found to have no professional indemnity insurance that would have covered him due to his medical mistreatment and negligence.

He had apparently gained a reputation as an innovative surgeon that used specialist laser treatment to enhance female sexual anatomy in order to make them more sensitive during sex, but it appears that at least five of his former patients suffered considerable pain as a result of his botched surgery.

Dr Dartey had a private clinic in Harley Street and rose to fame a few years ago when his new techniques that involved laser vaginoplasty and G-Shot jabs grabbed headline news in several British newspapers. It was as a result of his unintended news coverage that he got a boost in attendance at his clinic. However, the women who approached Dr Dartey for cosmetic surgery received “unfortunate and distressing consequences” in the words of the General Medical Council.

One woman, whose vagina needed partial amputation and has suffered severe scarring, referred to Dr Dartey as a “maverick surgeon” who more or less did as he wanted. Another woman, who had attended Dr Dartey’s clinic for a pregnancy termination, nearly died as a result of poor surgical techniques.

It was in the aftermath of the latter event that revealed that Dr Dartey did not have any PI cover and was therefore personally liable for the medical damage to the woman concerned.

The disciplinary panel of the General Medical Council declared Dr Dartey unfit for medical practice and concluded that his integrity could not be relied upon, referring to the lack of liability insurance.

The panel chairman was quoted as saying that Dr Dartey’s deficient medical procedures and lack of honesty as far as PI insurance was concerned was sufficient reason to remove his licence to carry out medical practice in Britain.

Dr Dartey did not attend the hearing and claimed afterwards that he was the victim of racial discrimination and that the GMC had denied him his human rights and vowed that he would appeal the decision that had been taken against him.

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