PI insurance broker launches new smartphone app

One PI insurance broker has recently launched a new smartphone app for professionals in the IT industry, allowing them to get business liability insurance price quotes or even purchase cover directly.

After securing a contract with HCC International, a specialty lines insurer, to distribute the product, commercial insurance broking firm Professional Insurance Agents has made its new app available for download to Android and BlackBerry smartphones.  Professional Insurance Agents has also entered into an agreement with Brit to act as distributor for their tradesman PI insurance cover for the insurer and a white-collar PI insurance product for Dual Corporate Risks, both of which will be offered early in 2012.

PIA chief web officer, Andy Scott, remarked in a recent interview that the broker made the decision to launch the app after discovering that 40 per cent of a major retailer’s sales figures came from smartphones.  This led PIA to believe that professionals in the IT industry would find the mobile app a beneficial one, Mr Scott added.

IT professionals enjoy cutting-age technology, the chief web officer commented, which would lead them to show off the app to friends and colleagues if they can purchase insurance using nothing but their mobile phone.  Tradesmen out in the field often need to secure cover in a swift manner or supply proof of cover to clients, Mr Scott also said, adding that it’s a useful tool for them if they can do so through the use of just their phone.

Brit expressed its delight to be allied with PIA in providing its services through a smartphone app.  Likewise, Dual Corporate Risks’ e-business head, Tim Grant, said that the use of the smartphone has grown with the way technology is moving, leading to an increased number of consumers to use it to purchase products and services.

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