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   1.  £200m invested in London commercial insurance intermediary
   2.  2013 will be watershed year for PI insurance firms
   3.  500+ former Quinn-covered solicitors not affected by transfer
   4.  53 firms fail to find PI insurance for renewal season, enter ARP
   5.  ABI finds SRA proposals for PI insurance inadequate
   6.  ABI says commercial insurance market suffers from intervention
   7.  ABI welcomes report on need for PI insurance market changes
   8.  Ageas announces new commercial insurance underwriting head
   9.  ALCD offers warning to firms of potential professional indemnity insurance issue
   10.  Allianz announces new professional indemnity Insurance product
   11.  Allianz establishes new professional indemnity insurance underwriting team
   12.  Allianz experiences combined written ratio depreciation
   13.  Alternative business structure may bring professional indemnity Insurance woes
   14.  Alterra announces it will underwrite PI Insurance
   15.  American professional indemnity insurer CNA announces new staff appointment
   16.  Amlin and Hiscox report large business insurance losses, yet remain optimistic
   17.  An indemnity insurance scheme fit for Santa Claus
   18.  Anglo Irish Bank takes claims of Irish business insurance provider
   19.  Apro Management enters solicitors’ PI insurance market
   20.  Arch Cru IFAs advised to contact PI insurance providers
   21.  Argo US announces new professional indemnity insurance platform
   22.  ARP closure may cost tens of millions to profession
   23.  ARP confirms sweeping changes to professional indemnity insurance
   24.  ARP grows by 55 firms with no professional indemnity insurance
   25.  ARP reforms ‘working as intended,’ says PI insurance agency
   26.  Asbestos roof may lead to employers liability insurance claim
   27.  Aspen appoints new UK professional indemnity head
   28.  Australian agents warned on July PI insurance deadline
   29.  Australian financial advisers need more PI insurance
   30.  Australian PI Insurance availability and price suffering
   31.  Australian professional indemnity broker taken to court
   32.  Australian Professional Indemnity firms also facing headaches
   33.  Aviva launches specialised professional indemnity insurance for media industry
   34.  Aviva renews distribution deal with Santander
   35.  Aviva risks vulnerability in a big sell-off, experts say
   36.  Avoid employers liability insurance claims by staying safe
   37.  AXA announces new professional indemnity insurance heads
   38.  Axa Commercial Insurance rolls out new reward initiative
   39.  AXA Insurance to flee town after row
   40.  Axa launches products on online commerical insurance market
   41.  AXA refutes claims Bluefin is up for sale, expresses happiness with broking arm
   42.  Axis leaps into Irish professional indemnity insurance market
   43.  Baker Tilly declines to reveal professional indemnity insurance claims
   44.  Bancassurance market holds commercial insurance potential
   45.  Banks and commercial insurance firms pledge riot support
   46.  Beware ‘phoenix’ IFAs in Australia, say PI insurance experts
   47.  BIBA renews its professional indemnity insurance accredited panel
   48.  Blyth Valley on fast track to receive recognition at UK Broker Awards
   49.  BMS appoints new professional liability insurance executive
   50.  Brit appoints new professional indemnity portfolio manager
   51.  Brit expands Bristol professional liability insurance team
   52.  Brit Insurance announces professional indemnity insurance promotion
   53.  Brit Insurance highlights coming risks to business insurers
   54.  Brit Insurance highlights upcoming PI insurance risks
   55.  Brit Insurance promotes Cox to head of its business insurance unit
   56.  British abortion doctor loses right to work
   57.  Broker Aon reports increase in business insurance demand
   58.  Broker issues PI insurance renewal reminder to law firms
   59.  Broker launches new PI insurance policy for surveyors
   60.  Broker says advisers’ PI insurance premiums could increase
   61.  Brokers confident in performance of commercial insurance
   62.  Brunel Professional Risks launches wholesale broking service
   63.  Business insurance association director welcomes 2011 budget
   64.  Business insurance broker launches home insurance scheme
   65.  Business insurance broker partners with comparison site
   66.  Business insurance broker urging safety first for coming winter
   67.  Business insurance expert urging office insurance take up
   68.  Business insurance firm names new professional indemnity insurance underwriter
   69.  Business insurance fraudster recently arrested
   70.  Business insurance freeze down under cripples recovery
   71.  Business insurance group announces new appointments
   72.  Business insurance marketers sideline plans for UK offices
   73.  Business insurance outsource firm announces reorganisation
   74.  Business insurance provider announces new appointment
   75.  Business insurance provider Chartis modifies policy
   76.  Business insurance provider offers professional indemnity insurance solutions
   77.  Business insurance provider partners with specialist broker
   78.  Business insurance provider reports drop in profits
   79.  Business insurance providers becoming more optimistic
   80.  Business insurance specialist offers cover to nail salons
   81.  Business insurance specialist releases infographic for SMEs
   82.  Business liability insurance broker ordered to pay £50k
   83.  Business liability insurance firm announces new appointments
   84.  Business liability insurance holders informed of events
   85.  Business liability insurance premiums may increase
   86.  Businesses urged to check their employers liability cover
   87.  Canopius changes professional indemnity insurance strategy
   88.  Canopius Group establishes retail commercial insurance division
   89.  Case Funding Limited receives authorisation from the FSA
   90.  Centre for Justice responds to business insurance industry
   91.  Chartis enhances business insurance policy for select firms
   92.  Chartis issues response to SRA’s new PI insurance decision
   93.  Chartis UK announces no more professional indemnity business
   94.  Chaucer holding takeover talks according to chairman
   95.  Chaucer Holdings PLC purchased by US insurer
   96.  Check IT firms’ business insurance credentials, expert says
   97.  Check level of cover on professional indemnity insurance before buying!
   98.  Check your PI insurance cover before FOS award increase
   99.  CIAB says commercial insurance pricing continues to decline
   100.  CML welcomes new SRA decision regarding professional indemnity insurance
   101.  Cobra Holdings sells portion of its commercial insurance assets
   102.  Collapsed wall leads to public liability insurance claim
   103.  Coming renewal season will be painful, caution Professional Indemnity Insurance underwriters
   104.  Commercial insurance broker develops new agent product
   105.  Commercial insurance broker moves to Cardiff
   106.  Commercial insurance broker set to double growth this year
   107.  Commercial insurance brokers open new Gateshead offices
   108.  Commercial insurance brokers reactivate dormant accounts
   109.  Commercial insurance brokers relocate into new offices
   110.  Commercial insurance firm Chartis moving in right direction
   111.  Commercial insurance giant integrates bancassurance
   112.  Commercial insurance industry liability to run high from riots
   113.  Commercial insurance industry players buck nationalising
   114.  Commercial insurance market conditions remain soft
   115.  Commercial insurance prices fall yet again this quarter
   116.  Commercial insurance prices remain flat yet again
   117.  Commercial insurance pricing declines 5.4% in fourth quarter
   118.  Commercial insurance provider announces appointments
   119.  Commercial insurance provider announces new appointment
   120.  Commercial insurance provider announces new chief executive
   121.  Commercial insurance provider appoints liability underwriter
   122.  Commercial insurance provider Aviva’s European chief departs
   123.  Commercial insurance provider gets new London office
   124.  Commercial insurance specialist chooses tech partner
   125.  Commercial insurance underwriter makes four new appointments
   126.  Commercial insurance underwriter makes new appointment
   127.  Commercial insurance unfit for purpose says consultancy firm
   128.  Commercial insurance wholesaler launches new IFA offerings
   129.  Commercial insurer launches new professional indemnity insurance
   130.  Companies future proof to reduce commercial insurance
   131.  Company directors showing more concern about liability risks in 2012
   132.  Company sees enormous growth in sales of professional indemnity insurance
   133.  Compulsory professional indemnity insurance comes to Italy
   134.  Concerned companies check their business insurance policies
   135.  Conflicts of interest could affect PI insurance premiums
   136.  Contractors must consider business insurance, experts say
   137.  Cooper Gay appoints new CEO for business insurance broker
   138.  Cornwall businesses may lodge business insurance claims
   139.  Cosmetic surgeons sued more often than for general surgery
   140.  Council fined for public liability violation
   141.  Countrywide faces unprecedented negligence litigation
   142.  Crisis in the cost of professional indemnity insurance
   143.  Cullum Capital acquires commercial insurance broker
   144.  Cumbrian floods amass £276 million in repair costs
   145.  Cut costs, not corners, professional indemnity insurance experts caution
   146.  Date set for Ezaz misappropriation trial
   147.  Delhi doctors run to get liability insurance
   148.  Demand for professional liability insurance rising in Asia
   149.  DG Law: IFAs need to have professional indemnity insurance
   150.  Discounted PI insurance cover scheme launched by provider
   151.  Disgraced gynaecologist had no PI cover
   152.  Dog walkers urged to get public liability insurance
   153.  Don’t cut corners on business insurance, says Lloyds
   154.  Don’t overlook business insurance, experts say
   155.  DUAL appoints new professional indemnity insurance underwriter
   156.  Dunster cobbles cause public liability insurance headache
   157.  DWF appoints six new members to its commercial insurance team
   158.  Elite Insurance enters indemnity insurance market
   159.  Elite rules out entering the PI insurance market
   160.  Employers liability insurance holders fined £440,000
   161.  EU professional indemnity market worth €7bn?
   162.  European business insurance reinsurer Glacier Re announces portfolio run-off
   163.  European PI insurance provider and reinsurer Glacier Re announces new appointments
   164.  Everyone out of the Pool: ARP closes in 2013, insists SRA
   165.  Experts: skimp on professional indemnity insurance at your own risk
   166.  Financial adviser works to reduce its professional indemnity insurance
   167.  Financial advisers facing massive professional indemnity insurance increases
   168.  Finex National launches new professional indemnity insurance offering
   169.  Firms have no option, turn to business insurance policies
   170.  Firms in Essex calling for business insurance holiday
   171.  Firms invited to join scheme to make PI insurance affordable
   172.  First Title enters professional indemnity insurance field
   173.  First Title expands, offers HOPP, PI insurance
   174.  First Title to launch PI Insurance cover
   175.  Former Chartis PI insurance underwriter joins Lockton
   176.  Fortis UK announces first-half numbers to general and business insurance lines
   177.  FPA: improve professional indemnity risk modelling
   178.  FSA admits new FOS award limit increases PI Insurance costs
   179.  FSA may scrutinise PI insurance cover for firms
   180.  FSA seeks PII details from advisers to Arch Cru
   181.  FSA urged to close costly liquidation loopholes
   182.  FUW Insurance Services joins Broker Network
   183.  GAB Robins unveils new claims handling service
   184.  Gallagher gains 21 commercial insurance staff from Oxygen
   185.  Garden centre accused of public liability violation
   186.  Garratts: Professional indemnity insurance still important
   187.  General and commercial insurance group Standard Life cutting 600 jobs
   188.  General and professional indemnity insurance rates set to rise
   189.  GMAC loses case against surveyor’s negligence claim
   190.  Government changes public liability insurance asbestos rules
   191.  Government introduces new consumer insurance bill
   192.  Government set to cut back on excessive liability claims
   193.  Government will aid commercial insurance on riot damage
   194.  Government works to reduce business insurance claims
   195.  Green business insurance provider launches new cover
   196.  Groupama adds to its commercial insurance product range
   197.  Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists comments on professional indemnity insurance
   198.  Hannover re experiences renewal premium increase
   199.  Heir searches need insurance cover
   200.  Heritage trust secures public liability insurance

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