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   201.  Hiscox announces new partnership with Business Insurance Now
   202.  Hiscox launches new professional liability insurance product
   203.  Hiscox makes two new commercial insurance appointments
   204.  Hiscox teams up with Scottish commercial insurance firm
   205.  Howden acquires professional indemnity insurance broker PYV
   206.  Howden Insurance Brokers announces new appointments
   207.  HSBC sells commercial insurance management business
   208.  HSE issues reminder to take out employers liability insurance
   209.  IFA raises partner fees due to professional indemnity insurance costs
   210.  IFAs fear rocketing professional liability insurance rates
   211.  IFAs in danger of losing PI insurance, warn lawyers
   212.  IFAs outraged at FSA claim limit announcement
   213.  IFAs to see their Indemnity Insurance premiums rocket
   214.  IIB and BIBA confirm merger negotiations
   215.  Illegal landfill tip may pose public liability issue
   216.  Importance of public liability insurance shown by court case
   217.  Indemnity insurance broker sees increase in activity
   218.  Indemnity insurance market lobbying for radical reforms
   219.  Indemnity insurance premiums will not rise, says the FSA
   220.  Industry Scorecard reveals solid US general and indemnity insurance sector
   221.  Ink appoints two new professional indemnity underwriters
   222.  Insurer and underwriter team up to provide indemnity insurance
   223.  Ireland’s Law Society votes to support PI insurance fund
   224.  Irish Law Society considers ‘Chinese wall’ abolition
   225.  Irish Law Society fields questions over professional indemnity insurance bailout
   226.  Irish Minister says legal reforms published in September
   227.  Irish solicitors stymied after Law Society pulls PI insurance funding
   228.  Ironshore expanding its Professional Indemnity offerings through Pembroke Syndicate
   229.  IT training can reduce business insurance claims
   230.  Jobs safe, say commercial insurance provider administrators
   231.  Law firm adds to its professional insurance indemnity team
   232.  Law firm and underwriting agency join forces
   233.  Law firm strengthens its professional indemnity & risk team
   234.  Law firm welcomes new professional indemnity litigator
   235.  Law firms cautioned to prepare for the PI insurance revolution
   236.  Law Society announces new PI insurance assistance scheme
   237.  Law Society calls for insurers to share liability claims on a fifty fifty basis
   238.  Law Society considering replacing professional indemnity Insurance
   239.  Law Society finds PI insurance renewals have gotten harder
   240.  Law Society Gazette reveals PI insurance market shares
   241.  Law Society offers PI insurance quotes to CQS & Lexcel firms
   242.  Law Society says PI Insurance harder to find than ever
   243.  Law society to launch new professional indemnity facility
   244.  Leading law firm adds to its employers liability team
   245.  Legal firm welcomes new commercial insurance partner
   246.  Legal Services Act ‘dooms’ traditional high street practices?
   247.  Lenders call for conveyancing market review
   248.  Lisburn Solicitors withdraw due to PI insurance concerns
   249.  Lloyd’s broker announces new PI insurance risks team director
   250.  Lloyd’s insurer announces new business insurance product
   251.  Lloyds broker acquired by professional indemnity insurance provider
   252.  London & European begins offering Professional Indemnity Insurance to solicitors
   253.  Lowest price is key business insurance buying factor
   254.  Man using falsified public liability insurance documents fined
   255.  Manx firm appoints new commercial insurance specialist
   256.  Many law firms still lacking PI insurance for coming new period
   257.  Many solicitor firms in Ireland finding it a struggle
   258.  Markel International opens branch in Barcelona
   259.  Markel opens new business insurance office in the Netherlands
   260.  Marsh issues new professional indemnity insurance facility
   261.  Marsh launches new PI insurance service for small firms
   262.  Media and marketing professionals benefit from PI insurance
   263.  Misconduct is grounds for losing indemnity cover
   264.  More fallout from RBS insurance closures as hundreds in Glasgow are made redundant
   265.  MORE TH>N wins British Insurance Award for E-Business
   266.  Most commercial insurance will cover riot damage, experts say
   267.  Mothers pursuing home birth may need to fly solo
   268.  Moving to an urban area? Don’t forget your insurance
   269.  MSL enhances indemnity insurance offering for businesses
   270.  New business insurance provider owners gain capital
   271.  New DPD draft may result in higher PI insurance costs
   272.  New FOS award limit to bring judicial review increase
   273.  New Ipswich-based online PI insurance broker launches
   274.  New low cost professional indemnity insurance now available
   275.  New PI insurance app available to professionals and tradesmen on smartphones
   276.  New player joins business liability insurance market
   277.  New report: commercial insurance market possibly in crisis
   278.  New Scottish legislation encourages will writers to procure PI insurance
   279.  New social work college to provide PI insurance to members
   280.  New study examines professional liability insurance
   281.  New underwriter appointment for XL group’s insurance arm
   282.  Numark announces professional indemnity insurance policy launch
   283.  Only one week remains for street party planning
   284.  Oxford Insurance Brokers adds to its professional indemnity insurance team
   285.  PI insurance advisers face due diligence concerns
   286.  PI insurance broker achieves zero-carbon emissions status
   287.  PI insurance broker forced to pay back stolen fees
   288.  PI insurance broker launches new smartphone app
   289.  PI insurance broker reports ‘fantastic’ growth year
   290.  PI insurance broker wins contract to manage CLC scheme
   291.  PI insurance costs for operating an IFA to increase?
   292.  PI Insurance costs not set to rise with FOS awards limit
   293.  PI insurance costs worst dilemma for Irish solicitors
   294.  PI insurance expert questions FSA motives on award changes
   295.  PI insurance firm announces wind down in England & Wales
   296.  PI insurance firm plans to increase Lloyds capacity
   297.  PI insurance firms seek to avoid paying out Keydata claims
   298.  PI insurance fraudster steals £90k, jailed for three years
   299.  PI insurance law firm opens Bristol office
   300.  PI insurance market may change yearly renewal scheme
   301.  PI insurance might not cover Keydata advisers
   302.  PI insurance payments made by solicitors up by 20%
   303.  PI insurance provider Brightside wins PwC award
   304.  PI insurance provider rejects IFA over Keydata claims
   305.  PI insurance provider Tenet provides for former appointed representatives
   306.  PI Insurance providers fear regulatory change
   307.  PI Insurance providers scale back IFA cover
   308.  PI insurance providers urged to aid economic recovery
   309.  PI insurance renewal season noteworthy for low ARP figures
   310.  PI insurance solicitor firms announce new promotions
   311.  PI insurance specialist March launches new water utility contamination cover
   312.  PI insurance underwriter secures new capacity
   313.  PM says bin the public liability insurance for Royal Wedding
   314.  Prepare your business to handle accidents, experts say
   315.  Price for Professional indemnity insurance is on the rise
   316.  Prime launches specialist professional indemnity arm for IFAs
   317.  Professional indemnity firm says home workers more popular
   318.  Professional indemnity insurance 11 per cent less costly this year
   319.  Professional indemnity insurance brokerage issues warning
   320.  Professional indemnity insurance client base broadens over 20 years
   321.  Professional indemnity insurance comes to the regions
   322.  Professional indemnity insurance customers offered free advice service
   323.  Professional indemnity insurance incomes decline yet premiums rise
   324.  Professional indemnity insurance loss adjuster announces new appointments
   325.  Professional indemnity insurance more important than ever
   326.  Professional indemnity insurance not just for solicitor firms, expert say
   327.  Professional indemnity insurance policyholders urged to be thoughtful
   328.  Professional indemnity insurance premiums in Ireland rise by 56 per cent
   329.  Professional indemnity insurance provider announces appointments
   330.  Professional indemnity insurance provider appoints new UK portfolio manager
   331.  Professional indemnity insurance provider BMS Associates names new CEO
   332.  Professional indemnity insurance provider gains Chartered Insurer title
   333.  Professional indemnity insurance provider reports first half loss
   334.  Professional indemnity insurance providers to pay £38.6m to fund ARP
   335.  Professional indemnity insurance rate hikes coming
   336.  Professional indemnity Insurance renewals increase by factor of four
   337.  Professional indemnity insurance specialist moves to Basingstoke
   338.  Professional indemnity insurance specialist promoted to partner
   339.  Professional indemnity insurance to be required by health professionals
   340.  Professional indemnity insurers cut back on dodgy IFA business
   341.  Professional indemnity reinsurer announces CEO will present at coming insurance conference
   342.  Professional indemnity worth nearly €6bn across Europe
   343.  Professional liability insurance broker Marsh announces promotion
   344.  Professional liability insurance claims rising, survey says
   345.  Professional liability insurance firm garners A- rating
   346.  Professional liability insurance for clowns is no joke
   347.  Professional liability insurance questioned in Ireland
   348.  Property giants set aside £22.8m to pay PI insurance claims
   349.  Property over-valuation fraud now leads to expensive future
   350.  Protect from hackers through professional liability insurance
   351.  Protect your business in these uncertain times
   352.  Protect your pub with proper commercial insurance cover
   353.  Public liability claims cost Plymouth City Council
   354.  Public liability costs too much for some carnival clubs
   355.  Public liability insurance customers cautioned
   356.  Public liability insurance essential for protection
   357.  Public liability insurance holders issued farm work warnings
   358.  Public liability insurance holders issued warning by HSE
   359.  Public liability insurance is essential industry experts say
   360.  Public liability insurance woes cancel street parties
   361.  Public liability insurers issue warning after child’s injury
   362.  Public liability policyholders warned by recent accident
   363.  Public liability woes force cancellation of veteran parade
   364.  Quinn bows out of the UK solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance market
   365.  Quinn pulls out of solicitors’ professional indemnity market
   366.  Quinn to continue issuing new PI insurance UK policies
   367.  Quinn withdraws from Irish professional indemnity market
   368.  RBS accused of business insurance market share grasp
   369.  RBS to close professional indemnity insurance office in Manchester
   370.  Reminder about need for PI insurance for medical practitioners
   371.  Research and Markets adds commercial insurance report
   372.  Research and Markets announces new UK Professional Indemnity Insurance market report
   373.  Review your business insurance policy, says the BBC
   374.  RICS launches consultation on PI insurance industry
   375.  Riot damage should be covered by commercial insurance
   376.  Royal wedding bonanza for business insurance companies
   377.  Royal Wedding breaks records, says insurer
   378.  RSA needs to raise its offer by 10 per cent, says Ignis
   379.  RSA needs £8 billion to buy out Aviva, warns UBS
   380.  RSA rebuts Aviva’s dismissal of its buyout offer
   381.  Rugby World Cup host jeopardised by quake damage
   382.  Rumours abound surrounding possible succession at QBE
   383.  SELECT pioneers bespoke business insurance scheme
   384.  Shareholders put pressure on Aviva after recent bid refusal
   385.  Shop owner fined for lack of employers liability insurance
   386.  Showing livestock without insurance cover is a real risk
   387.  Small business insurance broker launches online tracker
   388.  Small business insurance provider reveals research findings
   389.  Small firms crippled by high professional indemnity insurance premiums
   390.  Small firms hard pressed to obtain PI insurance cover
   391.  Small Sussex firm wins 2011 Insurance Times Award
   392.  SMEs delay purchasing PI insurance by 6 months on average
   393.  Solicitors may switch regulators to avoid professional indemnity Insurance woes
   394.  Solicitors no longer covered by professional indemnity insurance
   395.  Solicitors’ PI insurance market illustrates schism
   396.  Specialist broker launches exclusive PI Insurance scheme
   397.  SRA calls for professional indemnity insurance renewal date to be binned
   398.  SRA consults on ways to resolve the professional indemnity insurance crisis
   399.  SRA reviewing professional indemnity insurance arrangements
   400.  SRA says indemnity insurance payments up by 20%

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