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PI Insurance providers scale back IFA cover

Many professional indemnity insurance providers have begun to not only scale back the amount of business liability insurance cover they offer to IFAs but have even begun to refuse cover altogether, citing concerns over recent investment failures.

PI insurance broker launches new smartphone app

One PI insurance broker has recently launched a new smartphone app for professionals in the IT industry, allowing them to get business liability insurance price quotes or even purchase cover directly.

PI insurance law firm opens Bristol office

One professional indemnity insurance law firm has opened up a new Bristol office after snapping up a total of 18 new legal professionals from a London business insurance law firm, industry experts recently reported.

Business liability insurance broker ordered to pay £50k

After serving a jail sentence of three years for making off with £90,000 from his clients, one business liability insurance broker now has six months to pay over £50,000 in restitution.

Arch Cru IFAs advised to contact PI insurance providers

In order to manage the cost of claims more efficiently, IFAs that have advised investment in Arch Cru in the past have been told to contact their PI insurance providers in order to request they make contributions to the Capita redress scheme.

Contractors must consider business insurance, experts say

Contractors must consider business insurance in order to ensure the financial stability of your company, industry experts recently warned.

FUW Insurance Services joins Broker Network

FUW Insurance Services, the commercial insurance arm of the the Farmers’ Union of Wales, recently announced it will be joining an independent business insurance broker network of brokers.

RICS launches consultation on PI insurance industry

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors recently announced it is launching a consultation to investigate what can be done about the UK valuation sector’s professional indemnity insurance market, experts say.

Howden Insurance Brokers announces new appointments

One commercial insurance broking firm has recently announced two new appointments to its reinsurance and wholesale divisions, professional liability insurance experts recently reported.

SRA says indemnity insurance payments up by 20%

According to recent comments from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, indemnity insurance payments made by legal firms on their professional liability insurance policies have increased by 20 per cent for the 2011-2012 financial year.