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PI insurance broker launches new smartphone app

One PI insurance broker has recently launched a new smartphone app for professionals in the IT industry, allowing them to get business liability insurance price quotes or even purchase cover directly.

FUW Insurance Services joins Broker Network

FUW Insurance Services, the commercial insurance arm of the the Farmers’ Union of Wales, recently announced it will be joining an independent business insurance broker network of brokers.

Small Sussex firm wins 2011 Insurance Times Award

A small Sussex-based independent commercial insurance broking firm recently shared top honours at the 2011 Insurance Times Awards alongside two of the largest players in the industry.

Commercial insurance provider announces appointments

One commercial insurance provider announced new appointments for the New Year, as former high net worth head for Hiscox, Austyn Tusler, joins Barbican UK.

Commercial insurance industry players buck nationalising

The nationalising trend is being bucked more and more by major players in the commercial insurance industry, making professional liability insurance experts wonder if localism will be here to stay or just a passing fad.

Howden Insurance Brokers announces new appointments

One commercial insurance broking firm has recently announced two new appointments to its reinsurance and wholesale divisions, professional liability insurance experts recently reported.

First Title expands, offers HOPP, PI insurance

One major personal and commercial insurance provider has been expanding as of late, with the announcement that it has not only allied itself with an underwriter to provide professional indemnity insurance to solicitor firms, but also to provide protection to home owners as well.

Professional liability insurance for clowns is no joke

Professional liability insurance for clowns turns out to be no laughing mater, as researchers have recently revealed enough unforeseen occurrences happen to a large enough proportion of clowns to make a profit.

Commercial insurance broker develops new agent product

One commercial insurance broker has recently announced the development of a new professional indemnity insurance product specifically designed for managing agents.

500+ former Quinn-covered solicitors not affected by transfer

More than 500 of the Irish solicitor firms who have run off professional indemnity insurance with Quinn Insurance Ltd will not be affected by transfers of the former commercial insurance provider’s business to new owners, according to both Quinn’s joint administrators and the Irish Government.