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Heir searches need insurance cover

PK Underground UK recently reported that insurance companies have indicated that there has been an increase in claims from inheritors of estates who have not been found when research for potential heirs have been conducted.

New PI insurance app available to professionals and tradesmen on smartphones

An innovative new smartphone application specifically designed to secure professional indemnity insurance at the click of a button has been launched by an insurance broker recently and seems sure to gain ready approval by professionals and tradesmen.

Law Society calls for insurers to share liability claims on a fifty fifty basis

The Law Society is going to call on insurers to share liability for claims in the coming year on a fifty fifty basis rather than continue the scheme which is in place currently, which appears to penalise law firms unfairly.

Date set for Ezaz misappropriation trial

The trial of Joe Ezaz, a former lawyer in the ELS international law firm has been set aside for a date in April this year.

Misconduct is grounds for losing indemnity cover

A recent disciplinary case against a council member of a reputable accountancy institute has brought to attention the facts about professional indemnity insurance in relation to its members.

Price for Professional indemnity insurance is on the rise

A report has just come out in the past week from a reputable professional indemnity insurance spokesperson speaking on behalf of his online newsletter that there is increasing pressure on the price of professional indemnity insurance as the British and global financial outlook continues to be bleak.

PI insurance might not cover Keydata advisers

Advisers who recommended the failed company Keydata may find that action pursued against them by the FSA may not be covered by their professional indemnity insurance cover.

The PI market may be in trouble if problems are not fixed

A new report that has just come out from a leading British association for chartered surveyors has highlighted problems caused by a clash between runaway professional indemnity insurance premiums and low valuations fees.

Company sees enormous growth in sales of professional indemnity insurance

A regional, little known insurance company, Jelf, has experienced whopping insurance sales throughout the year particularly in professional indemnity insurance.

SRA says indemnity insurance payments up by 20%

According to recent comments from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, indemnity insurance payments made by legal firms on their professional liability insurance policies have increased by 20 per cent for the 2011-2012 financial year.