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Date set for Ezaz misappropriation trial

The trial of Joe Ezaz, a former lawyer in the ELS international law firm has been set aside for a date in April this year.

PI insurance law firm opens Bristol office

One professional indemnity insurance law firm has opened up a new Bristol office after snapping up a total of 18 new legal professionals from a London business insurance law firm, industry experts recently reported.

Company directors showing more concern about liability risks in 2012

Company directors and senior officers feel that the economic crisis is causing them to be more exposed to liability risks and the threat is likely to intensify in the current New Year.

Business liability insurance broker ordered to pay £50k

After serving a jail sentence of three years for making off with £90,000 from his clients, one business liability insurance broker now has six months to pay over £50,000 in restitution.

Showing livestock without insurance cover is a real risk

Most agricultural shows require large animal exhibitors to hold third party liability insurance. It may not be of concern to full time professional farmers as they will already be covered but might be forgotten by small scale farmers who keep animals.

Disgraced gynaecologist had no PI cover

A surgeon, whose specialist work entailed modifications to women’s vaginas to enable them to have more exciting sex lives, has had his medical licence revoked due to complications resulting from his poor medical procedures.

Delhi doctors run to get liability insurance

The fear of litigation is not confined to the U.S.A. it seems but has become a feature in professional life in India’s capital, Delhi, as well according to a Times of India report out recently.

PI insurance broker forced to pay back stolen fees

A Bury based insurance broker, who sold fake PI insurance certificates to a number of local law firms and a club has been forced to return more than fifty thousand pounds that he had swindled over the last few years a court hearing in Bolton heard just before Christmas.

British abortion doctor loses right to work

A woman from Ireland who back in 2006 had to fight to stay alive, has now learnt that the doctor who treated her had no professional indemnity insurance.

Contractors must consider business insurance, experts say

Contractors must consider business insurance in order to ensure the financial stability of your company, industry experts recently warned.