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Professional liability insurance for clowns is no joke

Professional liability insurance for clowns turns out to be no laughing mater, as researchers have recently revealed enough unforeseen occurrences happen to a large enough proportion of clowns to make a profit.

Take out public liability cover or incur significant costs

Businesses need to take out public liability cover or run the risks of incurring substantial costs, warned the head of one industry body recently.

Hiscox teams up with Scottish commercial insurance firm

One major global insurer, most well known for covering fine art and country homes, has allied itself with a Scottish commercial insurance provider in order to target the charities market in the north, sources say.

Take out public liability insurance or risk significant losses

if UK companies neglect to take out public liability insurance, they could risk significant losses, according to one business liability insurance expert.

Dog walkers urged to get public liability insurance

Brits desperate to earn a few extra pounds during the global economic recession were recently told by economic experts that starting your own dog walking business could be one solution – as long as you make sure you take out public liability insurance.

UK charities experiencing continued public liability concerns

Charities in the UK are experiencing continued public liability concerns in spite of continuing pressure on funding, caused by reduced donations and much publicised grant cuts, says one commercial insurance survey.

Public liability costs too much for some carnival clubs

Bridgewater carnival clubs have recently come forward in complaint regarding how hard-pushed they have been in their struggle to cope with rocketing business insurance costs.

Public liability woes force cancellation of veteran parade

Armed Forces Week next month will be short one parade thanks to public liability woes forcing the cancellation of one veteran group in Norwich, sources say.

Royal Wedding breaks records, says insurer

One Lloyd’s of London business insurance broker recently stated that the Royal Wedding last week at Westminster Abbey broke records as millions and millions of residents threw local celebrations to honor the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

PM says bin the public liability insurance for Royal Wedding

In an expression of frustration with bureaucratic nonsense, Prime Minister David Cameron has told those seeking to hold street parties in honour of the royal wedding to bin the public liability insurance and simply use some common sense.